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Crochet Scrumble Scarf

Half a Scrumble Scarf

Half a Scrumble Scarf

I am still crocheting my scarf with the  scrumble and lace techniques in mind. I really love the wool oddments I have used. It’s half way there!

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Buisness Card Inspiration

Buisness Cards Inspiration

Buisness Cards Inspiration

Went to proof read my buisness cards and postcards today. Really exciting because of the colours! See how the printer reacted first and the design it came up with on

Tips about having cards printed

Check out the printers before, see work or get them to photocopy a photograph, enlarging it etc. This is a good way of seeing how you are treated, what your work prints like and what is available. Remember you want these cards to showcase your work.

Be aware of

  • What image you want to represent you.
  • Take a good photo,or have one done professionally.
  • Which way do you want your imageon your card to be,landscape or portrait.
  • How you hand it over to the printers,memory stick is good.
  • Find out what format and size megs they use.
  • Be aware that depending on the colours available in there printers, it may vary to the imageon screen.
  • You may need to adjust the image to fit and print.
  • Where do you want your text to be and what colour.
  • What text do you want and how do you want it listed. ie  e for email, t for telephone etc.
  • Matt or glossy.
  • How many because of cost, your work changes or address may change.
  • Proof date.
  • When will they be ready.
  • Would you recommend them.

I have made my own in the past but you do need professionally printed ones too!

If you are happy make sure the printers keep your job number on file and asked when they update or clear their files. This is necessary if you want the same quality again.

Sheer fabrics and Flower Inspiration

Sheer fabrics Inspiration

Sheer fabrics Inspiration

Found a Flower decoration on the market at the weekend and it sparked my imagination on how to develop my work. I collected lots of fabrics, threads,wool tops,silks,beads and sparkles. Of course there was a little retail therapy in a fabric shop to add to my collection. See the flower in sections and my retail buys for this project on

Cards for ATC’s

Blue Moon Card

Blue Moon Card

This is one of the cards I made yesterday to send with the Blue Moon ATC’s.

I used the trimmings from the ATC’s and applied them with zig zag stitch.

Of course I had to add a bit of sparkle with the sequins!

NEWS there are no more Blue moon ATC’s available.

Thank you to all who contacted me and I will be sending them out.

Stitch Book

Chain Braid Stitch Page

Chain Braid Stitch Page

I am involved in a crazywork round robin at the moment so I am revisting alot of embroidery stitches again and needed some new stitch ideas.

So today inspired by Beryl Taylor’s mixed media book and “Take a Stitch on Tuesday” I know it’s Friday but I gathered my things together and sat down needle poised!

I had the idea in my mind, I didn’t just want to make just samples, so a stitch book seemed a good idea, something which I could refer back to at a later date. I had seen stitch pages in Beryl’s book and so decided to try something similar.

Visit my daily blog to see the step by step of the stitches.