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Metal Mystic ‘Blue’

Metal Mystic 'Blue'

Metal Mystic 'Blue'

This is the second wallhanging in ‘The Metal Mystic’ series.

The writing is my own, written with a textile pen.

The writing is quotes, one being,

Everything we see disperses and vanishes.

Nothing remains of nature.

Our art has to inspire a feeling of permanance

while still showing the elements of all its changes.

It has to make uus sense the eternal.”

Paul Cezanne

See the other quotes and more of how the series were made at 

Creative Freespirit

Freespirit 2

Freespirit 2

Opening up the creative juices in painting my own backgrounds again.

Using plain fabrics and using up my mixed dyes.

I also used my homemade printing stamps and made lots of rubbings to add details.

This is now ready to stitch into and add further details.

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Vintage Lace Blue Folder

Vintage Lace Blue Keepsake Folder

Vintage Lace Blue Keepsake Folder

This is a keepsake folder which I have been working on over the last couple of days.

It originally started off as a piece of canvas and pieces of vintage fabrics and vintage lace!

See how it has been made and what the inside pockets look like

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