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Blue,Green Quillo

Blue,Green Quillo
Blue,Green Quillo

Today I finished the quillo for the pattern instructions for download which will be available soon.

I am also teaching a quillo course in the Autumn, so will be using this quillo as a demo.

I love the colours of this ‘quilt that folds into a cushion’.

That is why it is called a ‘Quillo’.

I have used my own dyed fabrics and purchased materials.

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Printing @The Gallery

Daisy Collagraph
Daisy Collagraph

The new printing press has arrived @The Gallery.

Today I set the press up  ready for printing and I had fun making a collagraph.

I like to make the collagraph plates as good as the prints.

I will be teaching a printing course called ‘Printing Little Gems’,

in September @ The Gallery.

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Magnum TV AD

Magnum TV AD

Magnum TV AD

Today I got the chance to star in the lastest  ‘Magnum’ ice cream commercial.

I play the ‘cousin’ and help the couple break into the vault!

I have posted it on my Facebook profile page.

Jenn also starred in one too!

We had fun today with technology.

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Watton Holiday Workshop

Watton Holiday Workshop

Watton Holiday Workshop

In my role as a Norfolk Community Artist I help run art events during the holidays.

Yesterday I was at Watton Junior School.

The theme of the drop in workshop was

‘Holiday in a Box’

The children got to make their box,paint,decorate it and put dreams

and ideas of holidays they would like to go on in the future.

Lots of paint,glitter,laughter and food!

Here you can see they really enjoyed what they had made.

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Gallery Day 2nd June 2010

Gallery Day

Gallery Day

It was wonderful being at the Gallery on Tuesday,

 as it is Exhibiting the work of two textile artists,

Jill Arnold and Marion Barnett.

I was working on my Quillo which you can see on the table

 until the Tuesday workshop started.

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