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Learning to add Videos

I am learning to put videos on my various sites and they all take a different sort of jiggling to get it right.I am enjoying the process of finding the video, working out the computer,technical know how and then enjoying the outcome when it is visually on my site and where I want it. I am going to use the videos as inspiration to extend my creativity, share the artist work and hopefully inspire new ideas in you the viewer.

Embellished Flowers

Embellished Flower

Embellished Flower

I made the papers and with Kim, a Tutor @ The Gallery Dereham

in the morning and then in the afternoon when the class had

finished I manipulated, stitched and beaded

the Embellished Flower above.

I have made many paper flowers over the years using many

different ingredients including papers.

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Stained Glass Patchwork

Stained Glass Window Patchwork

Stained Glass Window Patchwork

Tuesdays @The Gallery Dereham are always busy and I get to tutor students

through many different mixed media techniques.

Carol is making a Stained Glass Patchwork Wall Hanging,

( a form of applique method of patchwork).

I designed the pattern from a photograph Carol gave me of a

picture of a stained glass window.

As you can see she has produced it really well!

She chose to use mainly dyed fabrics to give the effect of the

original blown glass.

I just love it.

The borders are due to go on and the quilting.

Well done Carol!

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The Queen’s Dressmaker

The Queen's Royal Dressmaker

The Queen's Royal Dressmaker

Mrs Peggy Umpelby came to or local Embroidery Guild Meeting.

She talked, shared and showed us some of her amazing tambour beaded samples

and work.

She has been part of the Royal Dressmaking Team for over forty years and has

a personal Royal Warrant for her work.

“Mrs. Peggy’ as she is known by many has worked with designers such as,

The Emanuals, Hardy Amies and Catherine Walker to mention a few,

producing amazing beaded creations which many of us have seen

in press photographs.

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