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Charleston Farm House

Visiting Charleston

Last week Stewart, Jenn and a friend Sopie went off to stay in a Cabin in Leonard on Sea and then visited Brighton and the Pavilion see blog post HERE

Brighton Pier HERE

The Battle Hastings Battlefield HERE

The Town of Hastings HERE

Charleston Farm House was amazing and the garden was wonderful see blog post and more photographs HERE

Berwick Church and the Bloomsbury Murals HERE

There was so much to see and enjoy it was a wonderful break. Hope you enjoy the blog posts and pictures.

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Bess of Hardwick Hall

Last week I had the opportunity of hearing Professor Jeff Handcock talk to the Methwold Ladies Group about Bess of Hardwick Hall. It was fascinating to hearing about Bess’s life story in historical context of the Tudor Era. I have visited Hardwick Hall in Derbyshire and marvelled at the tapestries, embroideries, wood panelling and gardens. Bess not ‘Elizabeth’ because of course, ‘Elizabeth the 1st’, was on the throne at that time, although, Bess saw three monarchs in her life time because she lived to the age of 83, no mean feet in those times. She was a clever, an entrepreneur of her times and married four times! She was the 2nd richest person in Tudor Britain and had many workshops including those that made glass, the finest and largest panes at that time. This accounts for Hardwick having so many large and unusual windows among other things such as the longest hall with indoor walk!
Bess also hard the finest sewing rooms for the refurbishment of linens, tapestries and embroideries which she acquired from all round the world.
Hardwick Hall became a National Trust property in the 1950’s.

See these videos to capture some of the interest of  Bess, Hardwick Hall and Tudor Life.

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Jack’s Quilt

I am making a quilt for Jack and here are some of the fabrics chosen (blue and greens similar to the quillow on the ‘Blue Quilts’ Page ,Portfolio on the right of this post. I make quilts to commission and enjoy the bespoke service. The customer enjoys the process of seeing the fabric purchased and made by photographs, via email. So you are involved in the process. Or you can buy one of the ones in the Art to Buy section,
See the quilt pieced ready for quilting on my blog HERE

Jacks Quilt Fabric

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