Vintage, Lace and Recycle


Folded Pieces Circle  Display-w290-h600

Vintage Lace Pocket Wall Hanger

Lace Pocket Wall Hanger-w290-h600

February Inspiration in The Art Old Room is ‘Vintage, Lace and Recycle’.

The Art Piece above was made from a polystyrene Lace Pillow and recycled lining fabric and diamante brooch. It has made a great display in the studio and encouraged lots of Shabby Chic Flowers and sorting out of jewellery boxes.

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The Vintage Lace Pockets was inspired by a show wall tidy. A friend needed one to help keep her chair area tidy and the plastic one she had was looking well used and the pockets were starting to come away. I decided to make a fabric version and this is mine with lots of Vintage Lace and I made one for her and used her family lace too! We had great fun sorting out such beautiful old lace and using it on a practical but beautiful item to look at.

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