Vintage Gifts


The  Vintage gifts to purchase from Quilters Cottage have been made from specially chosen recyled fabrics. These make the items unique and special to give and as a treat for yourself and home.

Paper and Stitch Journal for sale

Paper and Stitch Journal for sale

Paper and Stitch Journal

This Paper and Stitch Art Journal/Sketchbook is for sale.

It is an A4 sketchbook

and has good quality art paper inside.

Its size is

9″ w x 12″h


23 cms width x 30 cms height

The collage is all under a Gauze net and stitched.

This gives the cover durability.

The cover can be removed and put on another sketchbook of a

similar size.

If you wish to purchase be quick as this is the only one,

a truly original!

It cost £16.50 which included postage and packing.


If you want to see more detail.

by clicking HERE.

Paper and Stitch Notebook for sale

Paper and Stitch Notebook

Paper and Stitch Notebook

This Paper and Stitch notebook has good quality lined paper inside and

the collage is covered by gauze and machine stitched in place,

to make durable.

It has a fixed cover.

It’s size is

4.5″ w x 6″ h


11.5 cms width x 15.5 cms height.

This is an original and there is only one!

The price is £9.50 and this includes postage and packing.


If you want to see more detail

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