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Vintage, Lace and Recycle


Folded Pieces Circle  Display-w290-h600

Vintage Lace Pocket Wall Hanger

Lace Pocket Wall Hanger-w290-h600

February Inspiration in The Art Old Room is ‘Vintage, Lace and Recycle’.

The Art Piece above was made from a polystyrene Lace Pillow and recycled lining fabric and diamante brooch. It has made a great display in the studio and encouraged lots of Shabby Chic Flowers and sorting out of jewellery boxes.

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The Vintage Lace Pockets was inspired by a show wall tidy. A friend needed one to help keep her chair area tidy and the plastic one she had was looking well used and the pockets were starting to come away. I decided to make a fabric version and this is mine with lots of Vintage Lace and I made one for her and used her family lace too! We had great fun sorting out such beautiful old lace and using it on a practical but beautiful item to look at.

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Busy as Ever!

Orange Pumpkin Bowl

Orange Pumpkin Bowl

October has been a very mixed month of creativity,

I feel so lucky to be able to have a creative life as my career and

it is working out so well. It is hard work but in a very different way.

See some of what I have been doing by visiting some of the post which are on my

daily blog site at Quilters Cottage.

Enjoy a little taster by visiting the posts,

from a Bag making workshop at Weeting Village Hall,

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Meetings at Alveva Quilters, a talk by Yvonne Brown,


Christmas  and other projects made by my Students


Felt Making at The Embroidery Guild


Textile Painting


A visit to Jimmy’s Farm


I am creating different types of cards with the different classes and

practice pieces.

See them on my

card site


I have been busy collecting videos from You tube

and making my own videos in the studio

to illustrate the films I have been watching and items I am making too,

Visit my Tech Site


There has been so much it has been hard to select these few.

If you want to see more visit my portfolio pages on the right

of this post or go to Quilters Cottage and keep scrolling down

onto older posts.

Creative Freespirit

Freespirit 2

Freespirit 2

Opening up the creative juices in painting my own backgrounds again.

Using plain fabrics and using up my mixed dyes.

I also used my homemade printing stamps and made lots of rubbings to add details.

This is now ready to stitch into and add further details.

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my blogsite


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