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Jack’s Quilt

I am making a quilt for Jack and here are some of the fabrics chosen (blue and greens similar to the quillow on the ‘Blue Quilts’ Page ,Portfolio on the right of this post. I make quilts to commission and enjoy the bespoke service. The customer enjoys the process of seeing the fabric purchased and made by photographs, via email. So you are involved in the process. Or you can buy one of the ones in the Art to Buy section,
See the quilt pieced ready for quilting on my blog HERE

Jacks Quilt Fabric

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Quilting for Exhibition

Animal Cot Quilt
Animal Cot Quilt

I have been quilting away in the studio making quilts for

Alveva Quilters Exhibition.

It’s at The Porters Barn Felwell.

On the 23rd and 24th of October.

This is one of the quilts for sale from

‘The Animal Collection’.


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