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Busy September and Classes

Sampler Quilt in Knit Wits Window
Sampler Quilt in Knit Wits Window

I always love September and the start back to new things.

i am now teaching Patchwork and Quilting at Knit Wits in

Dereham, every Thursday, one Wednesday evening and

one Monday a month.

I have throughly enjoyed it so far and Fiona and Bill

have worked so hard in getting the fabric department and

classroom ready.

See more of the Sampler Quilt


September has started with Strips and the colour Purple

as the inspiration,

to get people started patchwork.

See my ‘Purple Patchwork Items’,

such as sketchbook covers and bags,


I am still teaching ‘Mixed Media Textiles’ on a Tuesday

at the Gallery and have lots more techniques

booked for this year.

I also made a video on how I make one of my

sketchbook pages


I have also become a Region 9 Committee Member.

I am now responsible for the Region 9 web page on

The Quilters Guild Website, so if you have any news

you think is appropriate please contact me.

See our Committee day with photos of the Region 9



There is still some more of September to go and I will post more

but in the mean time go to my daily art updates on my blog

Star Quilt

Star Quilt

Star Quilt

On Saturday because the weather was fine I was able to take my king size Star Quilt outside and photograph it.

I dyed the star fabric and over dyed the corner batik fabric. it is all cut with the rotary cutter and made  in strips.

I always use the rotary cutter now for accuracy when it comes to make blocks and accurate piecing. It is machine pieced and quilted.

This is one of my favourite quilts. Do you have a favourite?

See more of my Quilts on my portfolio pages on the right.

Also what I am working on at the minute on my blog