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Bonnet Display

Bonnet Display

Norma Bean came to our Guild meeting last night to tell us the work of Australia artist Christina Henri and her quest to have a bonnet made in Memorial for every one of the 25,566 women that were up-rooted from everything they knew and were sentenced to Australia as part of a slave trade. Some had commited a crime which deserved ‘pity rather than punishment’ for stealing a loaf of bread!

Christina and Norma’s quest is to facilitate the making of these bonnets by women which adopt or know that they had a relative that was sent on that journey of suffering. These women and their grit and determination to survive are pioneers and should be remembered.

If you would like to participate in this project please email Norma (this is not a link, put it in your address bar as normal)

or visit and  

If you would like to learn some more go to my blog

A plea from Norma, would all those who have had a bonnet pattern, please make their bonnet and send it.