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Tour Around The Old Art Room Studio

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Take the chance to see a virtual tour of the creative studio space of The Old Art Room in Swaffham. Take a private tour around this inspiring environment with creative director Jane Clark and be led through the magical ambience that inspires so many from innovative Textiles to ingenious printing and imaginative art work. The Old Art Room offers both the physical materials in the studio shop to kindling of inspiration in the workshop studio area. This is the first of our many videos of our studio hope you enjoy:))

Click Here For The Tour

Art and Drawing Course

art materials image

art materials

I am always looking at ways to improve my art and this Summer came across a fantastic Art Course.‘The Secrets to Drawing Course’. It is an ideal way of improving or beginning to art, exploring  the different mediums, starting with the basics and developing skills. Easy to follow, lots of tips and also the reasons for doing certain marks or using certain mediums. Some of tips I also share with my students so it was nice to see Matt had included them in the techniques.

All via your computer or tablet, so its easy for us to stop and start and choose what we want to try each time. I had great fun gathering my equipment and ‘Going For It’. We all need to escape into our art and learn more each time, I certainly did. I love the playing!

The sessions cover the concepts of a technique, drawing, pen and ink, still life, using and image from a photo graph, wildlife, portraits and I was really impressed with the Pastel Session.

There are 5 hours of visual and inspirational tuition in 28 modules, accompanied by 26 ebooks with all the step by step and photos of ‘How To’.  The most complete short art course I have found and a must for skills. All for the cost of three of my sessions! So a real bargain.

To See the Course visit  Here

Bess of Hardwick Hall

Last week I had the opportunity of hearing Professor Jeff Handcock talk to the Methwold Ladies Group about Bess of Hardwick Hall. It was fascinating to hearing about Bess’s life story in historical context of the Tudor Era. I have visited Hardwick Hall in Derbyshire and marvelled at the tapestries, embroideries, wood panelling and gardens. Bess not ‘Elizabeth’ because of course, ‘Elizabeth the 1st’, was on the throne at that time, although, Bess saw three monarchs in her life time because she lived to the age of 83, no mean feet in those times. She was a clever, an entrepreneur of her times and married four times! She was the 2nd richest person in Tudor Britain and had many workshops including those that made glass, the finest and largest panes at that time. This accounts for Hardwick having so many large and unusual windows among other things such as the longest hall with indoor walk!
Bess also hard the finest sewing rooms for the refurbishment of linens, tapestries and embroideries which she acquired from all round the world.
Hardwick Hall became a National Trust property in the 1950’s.

See these videos to capture some of the interest of  Bess, Hardwick Hall and Tudor Life.

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Learning to add Videos

I am learning to put videos on my various sites and they all take a different sort of jiggling to get it right.I am enjoying the process of finding the video, working out the computer,technical know how and then enjoying the outcome when it is visually on my site and where I want it. I am going to use the videos as inspiration to extend my creativity, share the artist work and hopefully inspire new ideas in you the viewer.

Magnum TV AD

Magnum TV AD

Magnum TV AD

Today I got the chance to star in the lastest  ‘Magnum’ ice cream commercial.

I play the ‘cousin’ and help the couple break into the vault!

I have posted it on my Facebook profile page.

Jenn also starred in one too!

We had fun today with technology.

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