Crazy Patchwork

I love using traditional stitch and embellishments within decorative pieces such as crazywork quilting.

Blue Crazywork Bear

Blue Crazywork BearThis crazywork bear was made with all my favourite pieces of pastel blue fabrics and embellished with stitches and beading. it was a labour of love and I have made a few of these in pink,peach,blue and browns.

crazywork square

crazywork square

This sqare is part of a round robin project I am participating in.It is over eight months and the big reveal of the finished squares will be at our garden party in the summer(2010).

crazywork detail

crazywork detail

Ann's Crazywork Squarea

Ann's Crazywork Squares

Crazy patchwork wallhanging

Crazy Patchwork Wallhanging

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