I consider myself a collage maker through out my contemporary art work. I use collage in my sketchbooks to develop ideas and then techniques follow on into finished contemporary collaged pieces.

I make collages by  using layering of medias to develop ideas and the depth of texture and meaning.

Here is some of my work,

Old Rabbit Collage

Old Rabbit Collage

This collage art piece is based on the Medieval importance of the ‘Rabbit’ and was part of my Roadkill Exhibtion.

The large rabbit is etched and printed and the smaller one was stamped from a custom stamp I made from my original drawings.

I also use collage in many of my community projects because it can be used with many differnt medias with a variety of topics.

See my website for many collage projects.Especially, ‘Collage A Day’,

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My sketchbooks are also very collaged and you can see this by clicking